BCM 300 – Blood and Politik

This game is inspired by Twilight Imperium and Betrayal at house on the hill


The year is 20000 in a far universe where different races live together. However, empires and nations are hungry for resources. Will peace continue or a war with unprecedented destruction will begin.

The game is designed to play between 3-4 players. The main audiences of this game are people aged over 18.

Main theme

Futuristic – Set in an alternative universe where supreme species have access to cutting edge technology

Open tiles – Beginning map will be placed on table with the back face up. All tiles are in shape of hexagon and can be connected to each other randomly. Only home planet map of each character has to face up.

Exploration – Player must explore to advance the game and achieve the objectives

Dices – There are 6 dices on table with 5 is largest number and 0 is smallest

Politics – Player can choose to discuss with others to achieve what they want. Event card that contains politic situation can also add/ reduce bonus to troops and fleets strenght

War – Make war with other players and claim what is your

Turn based – Each player will make action on their turn

Game goals

First player who achieve all objectives point of their character or destroy all other players home planet and conquer the map will win.


There are different characters (leaders) with different objectives and different types of troops to start. There are Stormtroopers (use to conquer planet), Destroyers ( use to attack or defend against other players destroyers), Carriers (can use to support destroyers (+1 dice) and deploy troops) and Anti planet weapon to destroy enemy planet (requires right technology card to open). Each character will have power point that indicates the number of dices to roll for an event card.

There are 2 types of cards to support players during their conquest: Technology and Event. In order to have one of those cards, player must explore the map from their base planet. On each tile after opening will have a symbol that match the symbol of the card.

A technology card will give that player an edge of technology to their fleets and troops. For example, a roll of 4 dices in a battle can be added 2 more dices due to new technology.

An event will give a player a spontaneous situation and that player must follow it. For example, a worm hole will suddenly open on the tile and that player will have to roll for a chance to use it. 5+ and player can place the end of worm hole on their chosen tile, 2-4 then player cannot do anything with it and it disappear, 0-1 then an accident occur that lead to the destruction of everything on that tile….

Player can choose to ally with others to achieve what they want

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